Hello, I'm Waltraud,

the Mom of the SIWARI Bears
I will be called however Traudel.

Needlework and crafts, drawing and modeling, I was already from early youth to support.
In early 2004, my husband and I went into early retirement and so I was able to completely concentrate on new tasks.

Actually, there is no material from which you can't making a "bear". That was my idea and so I also busy experimenting with different materials.

It is important to me that there are high-quality materials such as mohair, alpaca, or silk-taft, finest plush furs. Felt and cashmere for the paws and leather or Suedine for bales.

Most of my bears are stuffed with sheep's wool, but also fiberfill, kapok and cotton are used.

All my bears  are cotter pin jointed or bolted. I use exclusively Lauscha glass eyes, black or  clear and  handpainted.

Nature Bears and natural animals, like dogs and cats have my pleasure. It is always exciting to see if the original is really come close.
The use of Sculpy Clay makes me fun - so I modeled for example, shoes and faces

My bears and other objects are one of a kind art.
Each a unique piece, made with love.

We, the SIWARI’s,  that are Traudel, Sigurd (called Sigi, my husband) and Max (our small lovely dog).
Our home is Bobenheim-Roxheim a small community near Worms in Germany

And now I wish you a lot of fun on our website.

Please enjoi surfing on my web sites and feel free to contact me for any question or suggestion you might have.

I would be pleased.

Our email address can be found under Contact.

So why not make a bear.

It was not difficult to sew a bear! But what comes next, so it looks like I have the idea.

Well, many bears have now emerged and some online courses in the teddybearschool gave me the jumps helped. The know-how of the "old hands"! Says it so beautifully..

Starting with the first cut until the dog design course, I have elaborated the craft of "Bearmaking".

Already in October 2006 I had participated at the euro Teddy competition and won  with Baldur the first Place in the category Beginners. That was a good one reason to continue to make. Other awards available at the Awards.


Waltraud Rickel


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